Hi from Jenny - Your Weekly Rundown

May 27th - June 3rd

By Jenny Sites May 27, 2021

Wowsers - it's almost Memorial Day weekend!  

Tomorrow is National Sunscreen Day. Get outside to play, but don't forget the sunscreen!  One burn during childhood greatly increases the chances of skin cancer later in life. Once you put on your sunscreen, join the GET OUTDOORS Challenge. Visit the select locations during the month of June. Check off your game board and submit it to win. Get details here.

You can also celebrate Road Trip Day with a trip to one of the fun locations in our Travel VA Guide. Check back often as we continue to add new locations!

Need something to do indoors? Teach your kids a new game!  Our family loves board games so we've given you a list of games you've probably never heard of, but they are tons of fun!

Plus 5 easy DIY Projects for Kids if you need a minute to yourself ;)

Have you ever thought about starting a 529 Plan?  Get information about 529 Plans here.

Coming Soon: Father's Day Contest. Keep your eyes peeled for the link in the next newsletter!

Wishing you a happy, healthy week full of family fun!