Make Mother's Day Fun for Mom & the Kids!

Gift Ideas, Free Printables, Local shopping ideas and more !

By Jenny Sites May 5, 2022

Want to make sure Mom feels extra special this Mother's Day? 

Include the Kids

Sometimes it seems difficult to surprise mom and include the kids too, but kids have great fun helping spoil mom.  Here are some ways to include the kids in planning a special day for mom:

1. Make mom a card.  Here are some printable cards that kids can color and personalize for mom. Choose from a number of half-page or quarter-page cards.

2. Help the kids make a gift for mom. Special gifts don't have to be expensive, just given out of love. Visit our CRAFT GUIDE for DIY crafts, printable cards, printable coupon books and more!

3. Surprise her with breakfast in bed. You can make an easy 5 Ingredient casserole, Egg Muffins, or these make-ahead-of-time breakfasts. This lets the kids be independent and simply heat them up in the morning. Even if the kids need an adult to do the cooking, the kids can draw a picture to put on the tray and help deliver the meal to her.

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4. Get out and enjoy nature.  The weather is nice and there are so many fun places to explore in our area. Pack a picnic lunch and head to a local park or take a short road trip and explore somewhere new.

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5. Treat mom to dinner. Take her out for a nice family dinner, or make one yourself. You can visit our RECIPE GUIDE for fun recipes, including fondue!

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Give the gift of Self-Care

Parenting is a 24/7 job and lots of moms find that taking care of themselves feels selfish and it can easily drop low on the priority list. Mother's Day is the perfect time to remind mom to take some time for herself and not feel guilty about it. Here are some suggestions to help mom do just that:

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1. Fun with a friend: Treat mom and a friend to lunch out by themselves.

2, Hobby: Give her time and materials to pursue a hobby that she enjoys.

3. The gift of sleep: give her time to hit the sack early or sleep in.

4. Spa day: Even if you can't spring for a day out at the spa, doesn't mean mom can't have a spa day.  Try these easy ways to do Spa Day at home.

5. Delegate: Give tasks that mom usually does to other members of the family. Not only will she not have to do them, but they will get done and she won't feel behind.

If you think that mom needs a tangible gift, check out these great gift ideas from local businesses. Support local while treating mom!  If you can't decide on the perfect gift, a gift card works well too! Gift certificates for things like car detail, a new outfit, a special activity, a new piece of furniture, or family photos by a local photographer are all great ways to treat mom on her special day!

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