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You and your children deserve the absolute best in orthodontic care! As parents, we all want our children to smile with confidence and joy. Investing in proper orthodontic treatment can mean the difference between your child keeping their lips sealed shut in family photos or lighting up the room with their smile! 

Thanks to modern methods, orthodontic treatment is more effective, comfortable, and discreet than ever, meaning your child needn’t worry about feeling embarrassed about having braces or straightening their teeth. At Fredericksburg Orthodontics, we provide a variety of orthodontic options for patients of all ages, giving your child the option of traditional metal braces or state-of-the-art Invisalign aligners. As a Diamond+ Invisalign Provider, a distinction only given to the top Invisalign providers, Fredericksburg Orthodontics is uniquely qualified to give you and your child the best possible orthodontic treatment for your individual needs.

At Fredericksburg Orthodontics, orthodontic treatment isn’t just for teens! We provide services for patients of all ages, from your little ones all the way through adulthood! The American Association of Orthodontists recommends your child visit an orthodontist by age 7, when the first adult teeth begin to erupt. This allows us to ensure your child’s smile develops properly to give them the best chance at a healthy, beautiful smile as they grow! We even offer Invisalign First aligners, which are specially made for little ones to assist with arch development, proper jaw alignment, and preservation of space for unerupted permanent teeth to avoid crowding. 

Even older teens and adults can benefit from orthodontic care! Our office is experienced in helping patients of all ages achieve the smile of their dreams. If you’ve always dreamed of taking the leap and getting orthodontic treatment for yourself as well as your family, look no further than Fredericksburg Orthodontics! Take the first step to a bright, beautiful smile for yourself and your whole family by contacting Fredericksburg Orthodontics today!  


Business Review

"Dr. Almy was able to drastically reduce my overbite and realign my bite. As an adult in my 40s, these are things I had always been told would require jaw surgery. Even better, she did it with Invisalign. My son had his braces done here previously, so I already knew the office staff and assistants were great. Dr. Almy is also highly respected in her field by my local dentist and periodontist. I would definitely recommend Fredericksburg Orthodontics to others.” - K. Glinsky

"They made my daughter’s time in braces pleasant and enjoyable. They equipped her with everything she needed to maintain oral hygiene and ensure that her teeth would be beautiful once her braces came off. Her new smile is incredible and she can’t stop showing it!" - L. Harris


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