Create a Gnome for Your Home

With this fun Gnome craft.

By Jenny Sites April 4, 2024

Gnomes are thought to be the nocturnal protectors of the earth, so they often become popular in the spring, when the plants start to bloom. Create a gnome for your home!

This adorable Gnome can be a super basic craft for a younger child, or you can let your older child get creative!

Paper Gnome


  • 1 sheet of white paper
  • 1 sheet of green paper 
  • pencil 
  • Scissors
  • brown or black marker
  • glue 
  • Optional: stickers


1. Use a pencil to trace your child's hand on the white sheet of paper. 

2. Cut out the traced hand. This will become the Gnome's beard.

3. Draw a hat shape on the green paper and cut it out.  Here is the shape we used:

4. Use the marker to draw an oval nose on the white beard. The nose should be slightly on the large side.

5. Glue the hat on top of the hand so that the nose is peeking out from under the hat.

6. Decorate the hat with markers or stickers if you would like.

Now you can proudly display your Gnome in your home. Feel free to make a whole gnome family!

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