Indoor Smores

The same great taste with less mess

By Jenny Sites January 25, 2024

My family loves to get together outside and sit around the firepit. Sometimes we will take out some hotdogs or a plate of goodies to make smores. However, my kids love smores more than I love sitting in the cold around our fire pit and cleaning up sticky, charred marshmallows from their coats, so I knew I needed to find a way to make smores indoors. After a few failed attempts like using the indoor gas fireplace and trying one of the portable indoor smore makers, I tried the microwave.  To my surprise, the kids not only liked the microwave smores, they preferred them!


  • Graham Crackers
  • Marshmallows (The big ones or the jumbo ones)
  • Chocolate bar (chocolate chips will do in a pinch)


  1. Place 2 squares of graham crackers down on a microwave-safe plate, side by side.
  2. Place a marshmallow onto one square of the graham cracker. (it should be sitting up on a flat side)
  3. Place a piece of the chocolate bar on top of the other graham cracker.
  4. Microwave the marshmallow. We usually heat it for about 20 seconds, however, you will need to stand by the microwave and watch the marshmallow. Once the marshmallow starts to expand, give it about 5 more seconds and then turn off the microwave. Let the marshmallow shrink back down before opening the door.
  5. Close the two squares of graham crackers together like a sandwich and watch the smore-goodness squish out of the edges.