The perfect Tween Birthday Party - at Reclaim Arcade!

Fredericksburg, VA

By Jenny Sites September 29, 2022

Throughout the years my kids have come up with some pretty off-the-wall ideas for birthday parties but as they hit middle school it gets to be a bit of a challenge for them to decide what party to have.  After a visit to Reclaim Arcade, my son was hooked!  He decided this was the perfect place for his birthday party and he was right!

Setting up the party online was easy. The party package includes 2 hours of room rental for up to 20 guests. (note that everyone attending the party will need a wristband, so include them in your party count. You can also pay a discounted rate for anyone over 20 people)  The adults who stayed to play had just as much fun as the kids.

If you haven't been to Reclaim Arcade, it's an 80's themed arcade with video games, pinball machines, driving games, shooting games - all of the great games I remember from when I was young. They also have VHS tapes, posters and games.

When you enter the arcade (located near Cowboy Jacks, off Rt 3) you are welcomed by a fun staff, an 80's themed 'family room' complete with TV, Nintendo, and other great nostalgia, and of course a huge arcade full of games!

The party room is a large room that includes tables, chairs, a couch, and even a refrigerator. A huge plus if you want to bring an ice cream cake! We set up our birthday table with snacks and cake, but the kids were so excited to get the gaming started that we just put our drinks in the fridge and headed out to play! Another great addition at Reclaim is the ability to bring in your own party food when you rent the party room. 

The Reclaim food truck is also parked out back and available for orders. They have a good-sized menu sure to please everyone in your crowd. Should you go to play with family or friends, rather than to party, there is a table in the middle of the arcade if you can drag yourself away from the games to eat.

I spent the majority of my time trying out all of the pinball machines while my husband relived his youth playing Pac-Man and Track and Field.  The tweens fought through rounds of Mortal Combat and competed in an NBA game. Our younger kids loved the driving games, despite crashing into everything on screen. The best part is that all of the games are free with your entry fee, so I didn't have to worry about shelling out more money or paying for a game my kid walked away from mid-game, and passes are good for the entire day. My favorite part was hearing the kids laugh together! 

We can't wait to have another family outing to Reclaim Arcade, and I'm thinking it would be a fun surprise party for my husband next time his birthday rolls around. Shhhhhh!