Otter-ly Amazing Fun in Downtown Fredericksburg

#FXBGOtters in in Fredericksburg, VA

By Jenny Sites July 21, 2022

Looking for some outdoor family fun? Check out the Downtown Fredericksburg Otterly Amazing Scavenger Hunt!

On a recent trip to Downtown Fredericksburg we wandered into the Fredericksburg Visitor's Center at 706 Caroline Street to see what was going on downtown.  They introduced us to the Otterly Amazing Scavenger Hunt!  They povided us with a map and a list of clues to find the bronze otters which are scattered around downtown.  Each otter that you find also has a QR code that you can scan for more information.

Of course my inquizitive children had a few questions before we started. Thanks to the knowlegable staff, they got the answers to their questions:

Why did you pick otters?

Otters are proof that the water quality is good and that the aquatic ecosystem is healthy. Now that the river is clean again - thanks to the efforts of local organizations, like Friends of the Rappahannock - the otters have returned to the Rappahannock. 

Who made the otters?

Steven and Steward Wegner, owners of Wegner Metal Arts

Why did you put them where you did?

The otters were put out in a fashion meant to connect the Rappahannock River and the Downtown Businesses.

Now that you're ready, you can stop in for a map and hints or just walk around and find them on your own. Either way you will have an Otter-ly Amazing time! You don't have to take my word for it - our friends had a great time too!