5 Ways to Keep Halloween Costumes Safe and Free of Unwanted Frights

in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania and Stafford, VA

By Jenny Sites October 14, 2021

It’s time to choose Halloween costumes!  Your kids are probably super excited to make their decisions. When you go to the store, be sure to follow these easy tips to keep Halloween safe for every princess, superhero and ghost!

  1. Check the label to make sure the costume is fire retardant. 
  2. Choose the correct size. Maybe there’s only 1 costume left and you’re tempted to let your child just get it or maybe you’re thinking you should get the larger size so you can use it again next year.  Remember that you will be walking around the streets, up and down steps and past pumpkins with candles inside.  The last thing you want is your child tripping all over their costume. It’s best to just grab the correct size for this year and safe the hassle.
  3. Try to get your child to choose a costume without a mask.  Masks make it difficult for your child to see while walking around. Plus, you’ll probably end up having to carry it around for them.
  4. If you’re going to use face paint, test it out in a little space on the side of their face a few days before Halloween.  One year we painted our little skeleton’s full face for a Halloween party. He woke up the next morning with a swollen face and we ended up with a trip to the pediatrician.
  5. Choose a light-colored costume or grab some reflective tape to add to the costume, shoes and collection bags.

Following these tips should keep Halloween safe, fun and free of unwanted frights!