Meet Local Business Women in our area for Women In Business Day!

in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania and Stafford, VA

By Siena Schaller, Junior Reporter for Macaroni Kid Fredericksburg September 23, 2021

Women in Business Day is on September 22nd, so now is a perfect time to start supporting women-owned businesses! Here are 12 local women-owned businesses that you can help support today:

1st Choice Better Homes & Land, LLC- Ann Black, the owner of 1st Choice Better Homes & Land, opened her business in 1990. During that time, the real estate field was male-dominated so, “opening a business as a woman seemed risky to some,” she stated. However, Ann Black has trained and managed hundreds of top agents in Fredericksburg and has created a team that makes renting, buying, or selling a home smooth and successful.

The Crassy Cookie- Baking was Mallory Dies creative outlet and a way for her to bring joy to others, which is why she started her business creating gourmet cookie sandwiches and high quality baked goods. Despite not being taken seriously and many people doubting her success, she has been selling her delicious cookies for almost 4 years. “There may be others who are pursuing your same dream and that is okay. The important thing is to show up as yourself and bring that unique ‘something’ and originality to your business,” she stated. 

Southern Roots Farm, LLC- Owner Beth Norford opened this hog farm, which includes a  store and venue space, because of her roots in farming. She grew up on a farm with her grandparents, so farming was in her blood. Even though many people, including her family, doubted her abilities to open a business, she was able to keep going and prove them wrong!

Brainfit- This business started with a woman who wanted to improve the education system, which she did by creating a business that offers customized cognitive training for those struggling. She faced many challenges like self doubt and undervaluing herself, but still, she created an amazing business that has helped so many people through brain training.

NIRAY LL- This is a graphic design and marketing company that was started because owner Ernisha Hall wanted to help small businesses personalize their brand and increase their visibility. 

The WayMaker Life Coach- Because of Lacy Hick’s, the owner, guide through spirit to step onto her purpose and her path, this business was created to help those who need to be healed emotionally, mentally, or physically. Even though she had to let go of everything else and was provided no guarantee that she would be able to support herself and her children financially, she has been able to create a business that she wouldn’t trade for the world.

Fredericksburg Area Homes for Heros- Owner Deneen Bernard has come a long way from working as a Public Affairs Coordinator for the New York Stock Exchange’s Governments Relations offices to building and managing her own Bed & Breakfast. With this business, she has helped over 150 heroes, including a homeless woman that was able to become a homeowner and a disabled veteran that was finally able to buy his first home at 65!

Flair Communication- They are an award-winning digital marketing agency that provides many services to a wide range of businesses and government clients. Debby Girvan, the owner, has a love for creative design and technology, which made digital marketing a perfect business for her!

Inspired Selections Boutique- Lakeya Hunt started this boutique because wanted to find a way to inspire other women. Not only do they sell clothes, host fashion shows, and sponsor women for job interviews, but they also can assist with resume writing and offer personal/image consulting services!

Dermalessence- Dermalessence was started by Valerie Dennis because she had a desire to be her own boss and wanted to show her kids you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Her quaint studio provides skin treatments that include custom facials, LED light therapy and microcurrent.

United Real Estate Premier- Military wife, Denese DeJerf-Carter, started this real estate business to help families buy and sell their homes to fulfill their dreams. Even though she had to deal with many male real estate agents who didn’t think women are as competent, she stuck with it and has been running this business for 16 years.

Sistas with a Voice Podcast Network- Owner Sonja Keeve teaches and trains women entrepreneurs how to launch a podcast in 30 days or less. Even though she might doubt herself or even have people not take her seriously as a woman entrepreneur, she’s still motivated to help other women find their voice and share their stories.

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