How I save for college while doing my everyday shopping!

Upromise - save money for college while shopping stores you already love!

By Jenny Sites July 8, 2021

Our oldest child is taking college tours this summer. College. Tours. How did that happen? As we walk around campuses and listen to what they have to offer, I can't help but wonder how we're going to pay for not just his college tuition, but his 3 younger siblings as well. Thankfully Upromise has a simple way for me to save for college while simply doing my normal shopping.

Upromise allows you to save money by shopping at the grocery store, retail stores, restaurants, and online - helping you save money for college or to pay off student debt!

It was super easy to sign up. I just went to and created my Upromise account. I answered a couple of quick questions, and linked a bank account for them to deposit my earnings! Plus, you start your savings with a sweet $5.29 just by confirming your email address. Already have a 529 set up? You can transfer your savings directly to that. They also have a credit card option, which automatically applies all cash back to your 529 or savings account. As a bonus, Upromise awards a $529 scholarship to up to five families each month throughout the year.

I save money with Upromise by purchasing items that I purchase for my family already - eggs, milk, bread, fruit, and veggies. I select the items in the app, match the offers, and scan my receipt. We already hit the grocery store and were surprised at how many items we normally purchase that were included. 

I have also done some shopping online for household items, clothing, etc. at participating major retail stores and earned instant cash back for those purchases. (Hint: There's even an extension you can add to your desktop for easy access to participating retailers.) 

We also earn 2.5% cash back on purchases at select restaurants with a linked credit or debit card, or 5% with the Upromise® Matercard®!

I can't wait to see our savings grow with Upromise!

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