11 ways Canva helps keep me organized and productive!

No matter what I'm trying to accomplish, Canva has a solution! #CanvaLove

By Jenny Sites July 1, 2021

Canva has so many great ideas to offer that will help you design for everything from kids to house to work. It is made for parents, teachers, students, creative minds, and all types of jobs from your side hustle to your main gig! 

One of the best things is that you get all of this for Free! Free templates, photos, graphic elements, videos, audio tracks, fonts, and animation... plus 5 GB of cloud storage so you can access Canva from multiple devices.

1. Entertaining the Kids:
Now that things are getting a little more "back to normal" I find that my kids are going out with me more often, but because of COVID restrictions, places that used to have entertainment for kids are no longer providing it. It's super simple to jump on Canva and make a couple of "placemats" or worksheets to print out for the kids to keep in the car! These are also fun to make for birthday parties, family reunions, etc., to keep the kids busy while waiting for other guests to arrive or while their parents visit.

There are also templates with pre-made worksheets that you can print out to keep on hand in multiple categories including Art, Math, English, and more.

2. Organizing:
I have spent a lot of time at home trying to get organized. I was able to use Canva to make some super cute labels in a snap. For the kids who can read, I made simple matching labels for all of their toy drawers. For the non-readers, add pictures easily! You can either use the available photos in Canva, or take an actual photo of the item(s) and upload it. This works great in the pantry too.

3. Invitations
Canva makes it easy to make personalized invitations. Print and mail them, or send them via email. Either way, your guests will be impressed!

4. Thank you notes
In our house we always tell our kids that they need to send a Thank You card when they receive a gift. Rather than using a generic card, I used Canva to make a personalized postcard for my son to write on. It was easy to design and print and everyone who got one reached out to tell me how cute it was.

5. Certificates and Awards
As parents, we wear many hats - sometimes those include coach. Canva makes it easy to use a free template to create a very professional-looking certificate for your players. Change the colors to match your team colors with a simple click, adjust the text as needed, and you're all set!

6. Social Media Posts
Maybe you're also the PTO president or the HOA secretary? Maybe you have a "side hustle" that requires some attention-grabbing images. Canva has all of the tools to help you design your social media graphics easily.

7. Get Creative!
Have an event coming up? Use Canva's templates to create a personalized t-shirt for yourself or everyone in your group! You can also use their templates to easily design other things, like stickers.

8. Cards and gifts
No matter what the occasion, Canva has a great template to help you find the perfect solution.

Need an easy but sweet and personalized Father's Day card? Simply drag your photo into the template, adjust the text, print it out, and let the kids write on the inside.
Can't wait to spill the news to your parents? Add your sonogram or other photo and let the fun begin.

9. Photo Collages
I don't know about you, but I can never decide on just one photo, but I also don't want to have to find frames for a bunch of photos in different sizes that will need to be changed the next time I find more photos that I love. Canva lets you grab a quick collage template, upload and drag your photos where you want them, and print out the results! So much easier than trying to line up nails across the wall. Photo collages also make great gifts!

10. Calendars
My kids like to see what's going on during the month. I love to use the easy Canva templates to create a calendar with images so my kids can easily see what's going on at a glance. I can also make myself a copy with extra details, and save a copy to email to the grandparents so they can attend events.

11. Work
Canva is an awesome resource for work. I create signs, printables, social media posts, coupons, business cards, postcards, worksheets, games, letterheads, posters, collages, brochures, and so many other things for work. You could also create menus, banners, and resumes. No matter what field you're in, there's something in Canva to help you!

In addition to everything I've shown you above, Canva still has so much more to offer. Be sure to visit their website today and get started on your own Canva designs!

I have been compensated for my honest review of Canva. All thoughts and opinions are my own.