5 Reasons We Avoid Family Photos & Why You Shouldn't Any Longer!

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By Erica Gaskill Photography April 29, 2021

As a local photographer and mom, I have learned how quickly time flies! One day you are photographing your child’s first birthday and then you are putting them on the school bus the next. How long has it been since you have updated your family photos? Has it been a year or two? Maybe even longer… Let’s explore the main reasons why we might avoid booking those family photos.  

1. Appearance

Appearance is the number one reason most mothers do not schedule a family photo session. Let’s face it!  We often avoid family portraits because we are wanting to reach our next health goal, get our hair done, or buy a new outfit first. If this is your reason, guess what? You’re not alone! But, with that being said, we need to be honest with ourselves. There will always be something that you are going to be insecure or hesitant about (at least if you are anything like me!) The important thing to remember is that your family loves you for who you are right now, insecurities and all. And your children are going to want to look back on this exact time in their life one day, expecting and hoping for you to be in those memories too. The good news, If you communicate before your session what those insecurities are you’ll like your pictures so much more!  A good photographer will guide and direct you into poses that will be most flattering for you. Many photographers are also more than willing to offer styling advice. Some may even have a style guide or client closet. Trust the process and embrace who you are!  You’ll regret not having pictures of yourself with your children more than you’ll regret having them taken!

2. Stress

Whether you have one child or multiple children you may think family photos are stressful before they even begin.  You may be worried about, weather, timing, and behavior to name a few. Again, communication is key!  Finding a photographer you can trust and allowing them to take the lead is a game-changer. Most children enjoy doing things as a family and family portraits are a wonderful bonding experience. If updating family portraits is something you value, make a night of it.  Experiences are not as threatening as a traditional portrait session. Allow time for candid photos as well as posed.  Allow your children to be themselves and they will cooperate. I guarantee you it will be an experience your kids won’t forget!  Your children will feed off of your energy and will sense if you are stressed so try to relax and keep smiling!

“For several years now we have taken an evening to book a session with our family photographer to take enough photos to fill a calendar. My entire family looks forward to the experience! My daughters love dressing up and being the center of attention while they play outside and have their pictures taken. We use the photos to create calendars for Christmas gifts for our parents. They are practical gifts that become keepsakes and we love looking back on!” -- Ashley H. 

3. Phones

We are all guilty of it!  Our phones are always readily available and a great resource.  But let me ask you, what do you do with those pictures?  They most likely take up all of your phone’s storage. You might post the best ones on social media for friends and family to see. But what happens if you print them? While I agree, the cameras inside of most phones have come a long way and they can be very convenient.  Family portraits with a professional photographer using professional gear, editing software, and a gallery of high-resolution images just don’t compare to your device. Did you know that most photographers offer professional prints directly from their gallery at a reasonable price? 

4. Finances

I’m going to level with you: Family portraits are an investment. Many photographers offer a variety of packages and you can often find one that meets your budget. Give your photographer an idea of what exactly you’re looking for when it comes to your family portraits. Follow your photographers on social media for upcoming specials and deals. Some photographers offer mini sessions a few times a year which tend to be more affordable.  Mini sessions tend to fill up quickly so if your favorite photographer is offering one make sure to save a spot. It is also valuable to shop around, save and ask about payment plans. Not every photographer will offer this, but some do! 

Photographs and portrait sessions also make wonderful gifts.  Every year I give my parents updated pictures of my family and their grandchildren along with an updated Christmas card.  Did you know many photographers will also allow you to purchase a session and you can give it as a gift?

6. Time

As a photographer with many hats, I get it, you’re busy!  I’m a firm believer that time is valuable and can’t be replaced.  We all make time for things that are important to us. Remember, you are not only investing in portraits but also your family. Just think about your child when they see the picture of themselves surrounded by love. That picture will speak volumes to their little hearts. It shows they belong to something special and incredible and builds their self-esteem. You’ll also have the memory to look back on when they grow so quickly… as a mom of three growing boys, I have seen that first hand!

A family photo session can take as little as 15 minutes to as long as an hour. The good news is you can choose the best photographer for your family and most likely they will offer you the type of session that best meets your needs! 

Now I hope that you have no excuses! The weather is going to be beautiful for the next few months and the Fredericksburg area is picture perfect! Make those memories and book a professional photographer to help you. I promise you’ll cherish them for years to come.  

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