How @The Car Wash made my day ( week and even my year!)

Clean van = happy mom! * Use code MCK21 to get 10% off your detail service!

By Jenny Sites April 15, 2021

Last week I was treated to a Premium Detailing at @The Car Wash in Central Park. I can't tell you how exciting this was for me!  

I drive a minivan. I have to admit, I love it - it's got all the bells and whistles and with 4 kids it holds all of us... and all of our stuff. That also means it is full of goldfish crackers, dirty soccer cleats, books, toys, and everything else we drag around with us. I drive it around town, to the park, down gravel roads, and through the mud puddles.  . I confess - my poor car is neglected. It is embarrassing how messy it gets.

@The Car Wash took my van from crumb-covered to looking like it just came off the lot! Not only does the outside sparkle, but they also cleaned every inch of the inside - in the vents, the seats, the floors, and the windows. They even got the sticky residue from the old inspection sticker that I have attempted to remove multiple times without luck! All of the fingerprints are gone, the cup holders no longer have a collection of who-knows-what in them and there is no trace of grass or dirt in the back. 

I hate having a messy car but as you can imagine, cleaning it out gets pretty low on the priority list. Having a clean car not only made me happy, but it also took something off my to-do list. Win Win!  If you're looking for a great treat for someone - give them a gift certificate to @The Car Wash so they can get their vehicle cleaned!  

@The Car Wash is located on the corner of Carl D. Silver Parkway and Cowan Blvd, 1711 Carl D Silver Parkway. You probably know them for their 24/7 drive-thru car wash.   Did you know that the gold token you get when you pay for your wash can be used in the vacuums for 6 minutes of time or used to save $2.00 on your next wash? Don't be afraid to ask for another token for extra time at the vacuums.  They also offer unlimited wash passes so you can drive thru the car wash as many times as you'd like and get discounts on detailing once you become a member.

Plus, not only do they do great detailing - offering a variety of package options, but they do also do paint correction and ceramic coating for superior shine and extreme protection against the elements.

Plus, not only do they do great detailing - offering a variety of package options, but they do also paint restoration and ceramic coating.  Birthday, Mother's Day, Anniversary - I'd love to get a gift certificate to @The Car Wash and leave the car cleaning to them! 

Use Code: MCK21 to get 10% off your detail service!

I was compensated for my review but as always, all opinions are honest and my own.