School During a Pandemic - One Middle Schooler's Point of View

By Katherine Yaun, Junior Reporter for Macaroni Kid Fredericksburg February 18, 2021

If anything has changed this year, it has definitely been school. Long are the days when students cram in homework, running down to the bus stop, and try to make it through the day. But the pandemic has definitely changed things, and now school days can even be done laying on your bed in your pajamas. Here's a glimpse of how school works when you actually go back in the building.

The deal between my mother and I was I got to go to school and she would drive, instead of me riding the bus. We're lucky enough where on Tuesdays when I'm zoned for in-person school, she can go to work late. We wait in our cars until it's our turn, when it is, one of my vice-principals comes around to check our temperatures and make sure we haven't been sick or been around someone who is sick. I luckily haven't, am and allowed to go into school.

I see one of my old teachers when she walks in, she makes sure I'm on the right school day and know where to get my breakfast. On the first day of school back, my breakfast was a corn dog, tater tots, and a peach cup. The true staples of a balanced breakfast!

My first class is homeroom but instead of going to a homeroom, I go to my next class as my first class, P.E., and log on there. I'm lucky because my homeroom teacher and P.E. teacher are the same. After which I head to my next class, lunch block. Because of how my school designed the schedules, all of my odd blocks are on Tuesday, including Lunch/Study Block. We have five minutes to change classes, those five minutes are spent running as fast as you can. My last class of the day, yes last, was English and it's easily my favorite.

Our school hasn't quite mastered the dismissal part of the school day, which is how school ends around 12:50, but I don't get into my car till 1:20. I don't mind, I get to hang out with my friends outside.

 - Kate is a Junior Reporter for Macaroni Kid Fredericksburg and a Middle School student in the City of Fredericksburg.