It's Time to Relax and Take a Virtual Vacation

By Jenny Sites March 25, 2021

National Virtual Vacation Day, celebrated on March 30th, started in 2016. Little did we know then just how much popular virtual vacations would be 5 years later.

Virtual vacations are great because you can relax and recharge without the need to pack, book hotels and flights, or even spend money.  You can take a sporadic vacation to just about anywhere.  Take a vacation by yourself or invite your family!

Want to make it a little more realistic for your family? 

  • Plan: Make your travel agenda based on where you would like to visit.
  • Pack: Pick out clothing that you would wear to travel - maybe tourist clothing or maybe dress for the area - whatever your family thinks is fun!
  • Dine: Design a meal plan for the day that represents the area that you're virtual vacation takes place. Premake whatever you can so you aren't spending your "vacation" doing a lot of cooking. You could even choose a local restaurant that specializes in that type of food and order instead!

Be sure to take pictures of your family during your virtual vacation and maybe create a virtual photo album to remember it by.

Here are some links to get your vacation planning started. You can even go crazy and take a trip to space!


  • Virtual Train Ride: Japan


North America



South America