A Simple Act of Love And Kindness - with Lasagna!

Learn more about Lasagna Love - Request or volunteer -in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania & Stafford

By Erika Patten- Miller February 25, 2021

I recently spoke with Eileen Scherzinger, Regional Leader of Northern Virginia for Lasagna Love, a non-profit organization connecting neighbors with the motto: feed families, spread kindness, and strengthen communities.  Eileen has been a coordinator in the Reston, Fairfax, Loudoun, Stafford, Spotsylvania, and Fredericksburg areas since September 2020.  She matches up lasagna requests with her over 250 volunteers.

What is Lasagna Love and how did it get started?

Lasagna Love started at the beginning of the pandemic when the founder, Rhiannon Menn, a mother in CA, was looking for a way to help families in the community.  She started by making 7 lasagnas to give to families in her community and it grew rapidly from there.  Now there are over 15,000 volunteers across the country that are making lasagnas to help spread a bit of love.  The volunteers simply bring a lasagna to a family that has requested one.  They have also brought lasagnas to fire stations, hospitals, schools, and more.  Lasagna Love has fed over 15,000 families nationwide from April-December 2020.

How can I help?

Anyone can volunteer!  Eileen said, “Lasagna Love provides a few lasagna recipes for volunteers, but if you prefer, you can use the recipe on the box of noodles, your recipe, or your grandmother’s.   You can volunteer to make one lasagna per month or 20 per week, whatever you feel comfortable with.”

Sign up to volunteer here.

Can I donate instead?

If you aren’t fond of cooking and you just want to help the cause- you can!  Lasagna Love accepts donations.  

Please donate at the website or if you are interested in covering supplies and ingredients for the local volunteers, please contact Eileen directly at

Can I request a lasagna for myself or another family? 

Anyone can request a lasagna!  Do you need a meal?  Did you just have a baby?  Are you sick?  Are you injured?  Do you just need a break and a bit of help because you are struggling or overwhelmed?  Lasagna Love doesn’t ask why you are requesting one and there is never any judgment.  If you ask for lasagna, you will get a lasagna.  You can request up to one lasagna per month.  Do you know someone that is in need?  You can request a lasagna for them.  The form also asks if you have any allergy or dietary restrictions to provide the best lasagna for your family.

Click here to request a lasagna.

Click here to nominate a family.

When I think of lasagna, I think of a hearty family meal, a connection with others, and a gathering of people.  Lasagna Love is a wonderful way to help within your own community.  It helps to make a personal connection with others and it is a great way to show people in our own neighborhoods that there is always someone out there to lend a hand, bring a meal, and share a little love <3

For more information, visit the Lasagna Love website or Facebook page.