35 Free and Low-Cost Random Acts of Kindness

By Jenny Sites February 11, 2021

February 15-21st is Random Acts of Kindness Week. This is the perfect year to throw around some extra kindness so we put together some free and low-cost ideas to help you get started!

  1. Let someone in line in front of you at check-out.
  2. Share posts for a small business.
  3. Give someone else the good parking spot.
  4. Help someone carry their groceries.
  5. Give an unexpected compliment.
  6. Return someone’s shopping cart for them.
  7. Leave a positive comment on someone’s social media.
  8. Read a book to someone.
  9. Smile at someone who looks sad.
  10. Give blood.
  11. Sign up to help in a soup kitchen.
  12. Donate your used blankets and towels to an animal shelter.
  13. Rake your neighbor’s leaves.
  14. Mail a kind note to someone – teacher, essential worker, friend.
  15. Let your spouse sleep in.
  16. Hold the door open for someone.
  17. Leave your unused coupons with the product for the next person to use.
  18. Leave a positive review about a business you enjoy.
  19. Tutor a child
  20. Hide rocks with inspirational messages around town.

  1. Purchase gift cards to a restaurant to hand out to people coming inside.
  2. Plant a tree.
  3. Send flowers to a nursing home.
  4. Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru.
  5. Send a care package to a service member.
  6. Participate in a charity event
  7. Make a box for the pediatric hospital ward.
  8. Donate to a charity in your friend’s name.
  9. Print a special picture for a friend and frame it for them.
  10. Drop off a special treat for an unexpecting friend.
  11. Buy a book for a child.
  12. Pay for someone’s dry-cleaning.
  13. Pay for the person behind you in the car wash.
  14. Buy some extra groceries while you’re at the store and drop them off at the local food bank.
  15. Surprise a friend with a pretty decoration for their front door.