President's Day: 8 Presidents from Virginia

Fun Facts & Where you can go to learn more!

By Jenny Sites February 11, 2021

When it comes to presidential birthplaces - Virginia is the winner!

Did you know that 8 US Presidents were born in Virginia?

Fun Facts
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George Washington (1732)  

  • 1st president
  • Owned a whiskey distillery.
  • Signed the first copyright Act

Thomas Jefferson (1743)

  • Wrote the Declaration of Independence
  • Was an archaeologist and architect.
  • Founded University of VA
  • Made the Louisiana Purchase.

James Madison (1751)

  • Wrote the Bill of Rights.
  • Had the first Inaugural Ball

James Monroe (1758)

  • Worked as an apprentice for Thomas Jefferson, Esq.
  • Was both the Secretary of State and the Secretary of War
  • Ran for president unopposed.

William Henry Harrison (1773)

  • He was president for 33 days.
  • His father was a VA governor.
  • His grandson was our 23rd President.

Zachary Taylor (1784)

  • Was the first to take over after the death of a President.
  • Was the Chancellor of the College of William and Mary
  • Was a college roommate to Thomas Jefferson

John Taylor (1790)

  • Was an officer in the military for 40 years.
  • His ancestors arrived on the Mayflower in 1620.

Woodrow Wilson (1856)

  • Was the first President to get a PhD.
  • Won the Nobel Peace Prize.