9th Annual Canstruction® Food Drive - What will you build?

in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania and Stafford, VA

By Jenny Sites February 4, 2021

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Who: You and your team, group or company!

What: Canstruction® 2021. This year we are allowing participants to build their structure at their preferred location. You will collect cans, design and build a structure in a 10X10 space. This could be in your garage, basement, office, or we will provide a space for you at the Fredericksburg Agricultural Fairgrounds.   

When: Photos of your structure are due by March 23. Voting will take place April 1-3

Where: Builder’s choice!

Why: This food drive is more necessary than ever. Every year Canstruction® helps us to replenish our inventory of nutritious pantry items for our community. 

How: Teams host fundraisers in order to purchase cans, create their own drives and ask neighboring grocery stores for donations. Be creative!








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