How to Have An Indoor Snowball Fight

January 7, 2021

Our kids love the snow, but usually our snowfall is few and far between.  So we decided to bring the snowball fight fun inside!  It's a simple game that they can play over and over. It gets out some energy and produces lots of giggles.


  • White Tissue Paper (You could also use newspaper or you can buy cotton 'snowballs' from the store)
  • String, Ribbon or tape (I suggest painters tape or masking tape)
  • A timer
  • 2 teams

Set Up:

  • Find a wide open space. You may need to push some furniture out of the way. Be sure to pick up the toys from the floor - nothing ruins a good snowball fight light a sharp toy stabbing your foot.
  • Use your string, ribbon or tape to mark a line down the middle of your area.  If you use string or ribbon I suggest using a small piece of tape on each end to prevent it from moving.
  • Separate your players in to two teams.  Typically we try to make the teams even by having half kids and half adults. Sometimes we change it up and do kids versus adults (which honestly I think is the kids' favorite)
  • Give each team the same number of sheets of tissue paper. Have them crumble them into balls and place them in a pile on their side of the room.
  • Set the timer for 1 minute.

GOAL:  Get all of the snowballs off your side of the room when the timer sounds.

How To Play:

  • Start the timer.
  • Throw the snowballs from your side of the room, across the line to your opponents side.  (no kicking or pushing snowballs. You must throw them.)
  • When the timer buzzes, everyone freezes. Count the number of snowballs on each side. The side with the fewest snowballs wins!

Other ways to change up the game:

  • Limit throwing snowballs using only your right or left hand. (I suggest having everyone hold their other hand behind their back as a reminder not to use it)
  • Require that the oldest player has to play on their knees (or all players must play on their knees)
  • Limit one player to only be allowed to throw a snowball that is handed to them by another player.
  • Require that one player can only throw snowballs backwards or with their eyes closed.