Maternity Sessions - Because You're WORTH it!

By Chantell Junk, Owner of Stills That Speak Photography August 20, 2020

Your nine months of pregnancy is a magical time.  A time that passes by much too quickly…although some of you may not feel that way during these hot days of summer.

By the way, I’m Chantell – owner of Stills that Speak Photography your local photographer specializing in Maternity, Newborn and Milestone sessions. I am mom to four amazing adults and ‘Memee’ to nine…yes…NINE incredible (I may be a tad biased) grandchildren.  Don’t worry…I find it hard to believe as well! I love Nutella, Rottweilers, Gardenias, and my family…not necessarily in that order.

Now back to you mommies and daddies…the motivating factors behind Stills that Speak Photography for seven years now.  It occurred to me very early on that I loved capturing your expressions while cradling those precious lil baby bumps.  That quickly morphed into realizing  how good it felt to hear mama’s say, “I feel like a princess”,  “I cried [happy tears] when I saw my pics…I look beautiful” or seeing the look on dad’s face when he gets that first glimpse of mom wearing one of the many gorgeous gowns that are available in my client ‘closet’ for session use.

So why do I invest in so many gowns?  Simply put, ‘You’re worth it!’  I want you to feel as good as you look and that means updating my gown wardrobe regularly with a variety of styles, colors, and modesty levels.  You have enough expenses with that new blessing arriving – a gown that you’ll wear once shouldn’t be one of them.



Q: At what point during my pregnancy should I plan for my Maternity Session?  

A:  The ideal time to schedule your Maternity Session is between 28 and 36-weeks’ gestation depending on your comfort level. I have done three sessions, after which the little one arrived within 24 hours.  I don’t recommend that, if it can be avoided, as my CPR and first aid training did not include labor and delivery. 

Q: Do you have a studio? 

 A:  I am an on-location photographer – meaning I bring the ‘studio’ to you…whether that be outdoors or in your home.  All indoor photos shown (other than those in a hospital setting) in my portfolios were done in clients’ homes.

Q: Is there an additional fee for gown usage?  

A:  No, gown use is always included in both my Maternity and discounted Bump to Baby combo sessions.

Q: Do you include props? 

 A:  Yes, however, in my style of photography props should enhance the image without distracting from the subject(s).

Q: I have no idea which gown to pick – would you help?  

A:  Absolutely and if it makes you feel any better…most of my mama’s ask for my assistance with this.

Q: Do you do hair and makeup?  

A:  I leave that to the experts.  I have a list of local artists that would be happy to add that finishing touch.

Q:  What does my session fee cover?  

A:  Please use the ‘contact me’ form on my website or directly via email at and request a session doc which covers all the details.