10 Items to complete your teen's bedroom: DIY edition

By Kimora Bryant August 20, 2020

Buying decorations from a store is nice and all, but Homemade decorations add a bit more personality a little bit of YOU to your decor! Not to mention they are much more fun to make.

1) Glass song plaque. We all have a favorite song, something that makes us feel happy and we know ALL the words too. One cool way to display your love for this song or artist is to make a cute Spotify album cover! You can even add the spotify code to the song for easy access, (and it looks awesome on your wall.) 

2) Iron ons are a great way to customize anything from a pillowcase to a tapestry to hang on your wall! Most Iron ons are not very expensive and you can have fun color coordinating things or just putting a quote on it. 

3) Customizing light switch. Even if you're not super artsy, this is an easy way to add a unique aspect to the room. Just mod podge some pictures on the cover or even paint a picture.

4) Teacup/ mug candles. I have a lot of random mugs sitting around my house and unusable candles, so why not put them to good use? Reusing and recycling is a great way to find neat things you never would have thought about using in decoration! Melt that candle down, pour it into one of those unused mugs in the back of your cabinet and viola! A fun and cute candle. 

5) Butterfly door curtains.These are like hanging beads but customized. Print out pictures of butterflies and color them ( or print out colored ones). Fold the butterfly in the middle. Take a piece of thread and needle, then put the threaded needle through the middle of the butterfly. Continue that with the rest of the butterflies to your desired length. Tie off the end and tape it to your ceiling! You can also substitute the butterflies for something else that you would like.

6) Decorative  mirror. There are so many different ways to decorate a mirror. You can use seashells  and glue them to the outside, you can wrap LED lights around it, flowers, anything that interests you!

7) Artwork such as paintings, drawings are string art are great ways to show ownership of YOUR room! Just hang them up for all to see. 

8) Picture walls are another great way to show off your creativity. If you can put things directly onto your walls, try; making washi tape picture frames around the picture, or using clipboards as your picture frames.

9) If you're feeling really crafty and have a green thumb you can make a custom clay pot for your small plants! The plants can make your room seem more lively, but make sure to keep them alive! 

10) A  painted rock is a simple yet impressive decoration for your room. Grab a rock and  paint it however you’d like. It could be an extravagant piece of art, a small sharpie picture or just a simple phrase and or word.  This is another great accent piece for your room.