Local Boutique, Tulips & Twirls , Celebrates Two Year Anniversary!

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By Janelle Heyl July 9, 2020

Two years ago, I had a crazy idea to start a children’s clothing boutique.  After searching high and low in local Fredericksburg shops, the Spotsylvania Mall, and online for clothes for my daughter and son, I just couldn’t find cute, yet unique, clothes at a reasonable price. I started doing some research and thought to myself “Why not start my own online store, where moms like me can find cute, unique, and affordable clothing?” And voila, Tulips & Twirls Boutique was born!  Now, don’t get me wrong, my husband Jeff wasn’t as keen on the idea as I was. But when he saw the passion I had, he jumped all in with me.  And I’m so grateful every single day that he did.  I’ve started and owned a few businesses in my life (a catering business, thriving makeup business, and even a Photo Booth business (which I still own and operate)), so believe me when I say that owning a business is tough. But this boutique, it’s been the most fun I’ve ever had.  

Tulips & Twirls took its first real payment in July of 2018! I can hardly believe that two years have already passed since that day.  But let me just tell you, this has been the most fun and rewarding “job” I’ve ever had.  And get this, my whole business is done online.  Tulips & Twirls has almost 10,000 VIP Members in our Facebook Group, over 6,000 likes and followers on our Facebook Business page, and over 70,000 website visitors since we launched our official website in July 2019.  I have been so blessed to meet and interact with the most amazing and supportive customer base, who have become my friends. And as crazy as it sounds, because Tulips & Twirls Boutique is done all online, I do life with these people — some of whom I have never even met. We laugh together, we share moments together, we cry, we vent — all online.  And it is so much fun.

I owe our success over the past two years to my incredible customer base.  They are always so supportive (and real with me) about our clothing — wether it be new items or fan favorites, they are first to tell me they love them or can’t stand them.  And I am beyond appreciative.  When you are blindly ordering clothes for little girls and boys, for each season of the year, all year long, you can get a bit overwhelmed.  But my customers have been so wonderful in helping me figure out where I’ve nailed it, and where I haven’t, and I am grateful.

With only 44% of small businesses surviving the first year, I sure am humbled Tulips & Twirls Boutique has crossed the second year mark. To celebrate our success and our two year anniversary we’re having a Christmas in July sale over on our website: If you’re first time purchaser, use the code: NEWBIE at checkout and you’ll receive 15% OFF your purchase.  We would love for you to join us, and I truly mean that. You don’t even have to buy anything! We just want you to be a part of our online community. Join us over on Facebook in our VIP Group and Business Page, visit our website, follow us on Instagram - however it is you want to be a part of our community, we’re here for it! 

So, cheers to two years! A big thank you to our customers, our friends, our family, our small but mighty staff. Cheers to all of you!  And here’s to another year of continued success.