Easter Bunny Pancakes

By Jenny Sites April 7, 2022

Looking for a fun and creative way to surprise your kids on Easter morning? Have you watched too many cooking shows and just know that you can be just as creative as those chefs?

Now's your time to shine!  

My friend Allison surprised her kids with this awesome Bunny Pancake - here's what you need:

1) Pancake mix
2) banana
3) chocolate chips
4) large marshmallow
5) a good sense of humor


 - Make the pancake mix as directed.

 - Create the following shapes using the pancake mix (while not being distracted by your excited and impatient children) in a preheated pan, sprayed with cooking spray.
     * 2 ovals for ears
     * 2 slightly bigger ovals for feet
     * 1 circle for the head
     * 1 slightly larger circle for the body

- Lay the large circle down first for the body, followed by the head and ears and lastly the feet.  Decorate with a marshmallow tail and banana, chocolate chip feet.

Don't have all of those decorations? You can use blueberries instead of chocolate chips, whip cream instead of a marshmallow tail - get creative and have fun with it chef!