5 Simple Ways to Support Nonprofits

National Nonprofit Day is Saturday, August 17th, 2019

By Sarah Jeffries August 15, 2019

National Nonprofit Day is this Saturday, August 17th, and recognizes nonprofits all over the country and community members that strive to make a difference. The state of Virginia alone has over 37,800 nonprofit organizations with Virginians giving over $5.6 billion to charity each year. While the altruistic initiatives make a clear, positive impact across our local communities, the nonprofit sector also plays a significant part in employing our state’s workforce and contributing to the GDP. 

There are many ways to get involved with a nonprofit organization that do not require a huge investment of time or money. Oftentimes, the best approach is to start small. Below are 5 simple ways to help get you started:

 1. Amazon Smile 

Amazon smile is an easy way to give back to a charity of your choice. With Amazon Smile, you can shop the same products at the same prices as but in this case, the Amazon Smile Foundation will donate .5% of your purchase price to a nonprofit organization!

2. Follow on Social Media 

Everyone is on social media, including your local nonprofits! Show your support for a nonprofit organization by simply following them on social media. A quick follow on Facebook goes a long way for any organization but especially helps nonprofits spread their mission to a wider audience. Following a nonprofit on social media is also a great way for the community to stay up to date with current fundraisers, community-based events and a whole heap of knowledge surrounding that nonprofit. Click here to follow Gwyneths Gift!

3. Attend Fundraising Events 

Attending Fundraisers are a great way to meet community members and enjoy unique experiences offered by nonprofits while supporting a good cause. Speaking of fundraisers, another great way to support your local nonprofit is to attend their fundraising events. Fundraising is not just a means to raise money, but also a way to promote the message and goals of that organization. For example, by attending Gwyneth’s Gift Foundation’s Whiskey Business: Southern Charm, you are supporting the mission of Gwyneth’s Gift as well as supporting their programs and your community because 100 percent of the proceeds will go back into training community members in Hands-Only CPR and placing AEDs into the community – it's a win for all parties! 

4. Be an Ambassador 

Serving as a nonprofit "ambassador" is a great way to promote a cause you care about. Individuals are able to use their professional experience to inform fellow citizens of services offered by nonprofits.  A common example includes those in professions such as the medical field, that can promote nonprofits in the community so fellow citizens can benefit from those organizations. Whether you are a professional in that field or a community member hosting your very own event to benefit the cause, there are many ways to help spread good word! 

5. Volunteer 

According to data collection done by Christopher Newport University’s Department of Sociology, over 50% of nonprofits in Virginia struggle to keep volunteers. Volunteers can be invaluable in helping nonprofits operate especially when it comes to delivering services to clients. Not only is volunteering important because it helps better the community, it also helps better you as an individual. Volunteering for a nonprofit is a free way to learn a lot about yourself!

There are many simple ways to support nonprofits and now is the time to take the next step in supporting a cause that you care about! Don’t know exactly where to start? Well, we have some great news for you! Whiskey Business: Southern Charm is right around the corner and is a fun, memorable way to support an important cause in our area. While it may seem small, attending an event like this can generate a ripple effect that has a profound impact on the Foundation and the communities it serves. Feeling inspired to learn more? Visit this link:

Looking for information about local non-profits? Check out our Community Involvement Guide for information about local businesses, volunteering, donating and more!