3 Reasons to Take Swim Lessons RIGHT NOW

By Little Fish Swimming June 6, 2019

1. Safety

  • Parents instinctively watch their children around the pool or beach, but what if their attention is unexpectedly diverted and their young child is left unattended? Incidents like these can happen more than we’d like to admit, so it is crucially important that we are properly prepared and informed in case the moment arises. At a glance, swimming is often recognized as an engaging summer activity, but with the right education and practice, it can also be a life-saving skill!

  • Drowning is the single leading cause of injury-related death among 1 to 4-year-olds, yet many parents opt to postpone swimming lessons for their child with the belief that they are not old enough. However, studies have shown that swimming lessons can actually reduce the risk of drowning for children in this age group by 88%. Acclimating young children to the water and training them earlier on will significantly improve their chance of survival when they unexpectedly fall in the water.

2. Exercise

  • Unlike most sports, swimming utilizes every muscle in your body and is both an excellent exercise for power and cardio training. According to the CDC, swimming on a regular can reduce the risk and effects of chronic illness while posing no danger to the body’s joints due to its lack of impact that sports like football, soccer and even running all have. Swimming can also improve your mental health through exercise therapy in warm water, decreasing depression and improving your mood.

3. Fun

  • Putting aside the practical benefits, swimming lessons allow both parents and their children a greater opportunity to have fun! Taking lessons will help improve the comfort and confidence of children in the water, reducing their fears and anxieties while giving the more freedom to play in and enjoy the water. Furthermore, teaching children how to swim safely can drastically relieve stress off of parents on vacation, which is meant to be a time for rest and relaxation and can usually find themselves near pools and beach. Knowing and trusting their children's swimming skills, parents may find it easier to rest on the sidelines while reading their favorite book, sipping on their choice beverage and soaking in the sun!

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