Burn Bootcamp Fredericksburg

By Jenny Sites January 3, 2019

Burn Boot Camp Fredericksburg is a 45-minute training session, focused on different areas of the body on different days of the week.  All workouts are designed to accommodate all fitness levels.  Doesn't matter if you have never worked out, or currently work out and just looking for something better to achieve results, Burn Boot Camp has something for you! 

No workout is ever the same, and all workouts are coached by America's Best Trainers!  Everyone's fitness goals will be discovered and supported. Our 1:1 Focus Meetings give you the individual attention you deserve, and help to connect all of the dots in your journey to optimal health & wellness!

Once you are a Burn Boot Camp member in Fredericksburg, you are a Burn member nationwide. We work together as a unified front to help women and people alike, learn how to change their mindset, all while changing their bodies as well. Through education, hard work and some good old fashion fun, we are positioning ourselves as leaders in transforming the landscape of fitness routines to incorporate mindset as a key component!

Beyond just health and wellness at the individual level, we are strong supporters of family and community wellness. Burn Boot Camp offers complimentary childcare services, which allow for our clients who are parents to work out at ease, knowing their child(ren) are safe and sound nearby!

Right now Burn Boot Camp is offering a 6-week promotion called Raise the Bar - with a start date of January 7, 2019, running through February 18, 2019.  It's the BEST way to start 2019 off on the right foot!  Gift Cards are available.  Call 540-360-5474, Text RTB to 540-340-5056, or visit: for more information.  Our space is limited!



"This place is truly amazing! I'm doing things I never thought I could. The staff is so awesome, so positive and encouraging! Every day is a different challenge. I've [met] new burnsisters everytime I come. There's no judgment here. Everyone is working together and encouraging no matter what [their] fitness level is! You gotta try this!
I'm hooked and it's only been two weeks! I already feel like something is missing in my life the days I can't make it.
Come feel the burn πŸ”₯with us and join the burnsisterhood! πŸ’ͺπŸ”₯😍"
- Jennifer Hanlon

"Love this's exactly what I was needing at the perfect time. I never leave feeling bad about myself, it is a very positive place. I always sweat and am sore, sometimes for days but I always feel strong look forward to the next sweat session. It's never the same workout although those burpees are always lurking...I love the 5am class it's my favorite❀️❀️❀️ This gym is an awesome place to be filled with kindness and driving positivity. Missy, George, Melissa and Jen are amazing and very welcoming. You will not regret stepping into this gym. You'll never have a high five left hanging! Do it, go, you'll love it."
- Keri Irlbacher Webb

I started Burn Boot Camp in the Spring with the pop up camps. I fell out for a few months but was excited when the facility opened so I could get back on track. I had been trying to workout on my own with my husband but found the group environment so much fun. I have met great people and developed friendships along the way. After missing a few months and coming back it was like I never left. I love Missy and all the trainers. They are all motivating and encourage everyone to push themselves within their limits. Watching Jennifer’s transformation has been motivational and she looks great. George is an awesome trainer. Do not be discouraged by the boot camp label. It is not the typical environment. It is much more than that. As others have said it is Family πŸ’œπŸ’œ. I have had the please of going to other Burn facilities while waiting for Fredericksburg location or being out of town. You feel like you never left your home facility. I have had my 2nd focus meeting and lost 1 pound in the first week and [an] inch off my measurements. Yay πŸ‘
- Luana Cheatham  

"Best thing I could do for myself!!! Never boring! No 2 days are ever the same. I could get a gym membership and never use it, I actually want to come here everyday! You are truly a Burnfamily here!"
- Sheri Hahn

"I was so worried when I signed up that I wouldn't be able to keep up with anything there. They've shown me wrong! The motivation you get from these amazing people pushes you even more. I actually want to go everyday..."

- Danielle Elizabeth Watson