How can I help? Where can I donate?

Community Involvement Guide

By Jenny Sites October 11, 2018

It's that time of year where you're starting to think "Our family has so many things we have outgrown - I would like to donate them to people who need them"  or you just moved into your new house and realize you have extra furniture and household items that don't fit into your new place.  While it's great to have local resources like the Goodwill to take them to, there are also other organizations in our area looking for those types of donations.

Or perhaps you're looking to volunteer? Maybe you need volunteer hours for your teen? 

We have reached out to local organizations and compiled a list of their names, contact information, items they need to be donated and ways to volunteer!  You can view them all in the Community Involvement Guide.

Do you have an organization that you think would like to be included in the guide?  Email me at