Find the Perfect Gift AND Shop Local!

Support your local family, friends and neighbors!

By Jenny Sites September 27, 2018

It’s the end of September and lots of you are already making your Christmas shopping lists.  While you’re compiling your list, think of how nice it would be to get your friends and family something personal to them! Why grab a generic purse when you could get them one with their monogram on the front?  How about personalized jewelry? The perfect kid’s book?  Unique Hair Flair? A sign you created by hand? Skincare products personalized for their skin type? That perfect kitchen product? A lovely smelling home? Wine delivered to their door?

Shop local! These two guides include local ladies who would love to help you find the perfect gifts for yourself and others. They are friends, neighbors, moms and hard workers who appreciate you. Shop with them online, in person, by phone or email! Get personalized service, see products in person, make new friends, support friends and family, take advantage of great deals!

Check out our Crafters Guide and Local Consultants Guide to shop local and find the best gifts this holiday season!