Go Umami

Article Sponsored by House Foods

By Jenny Sites August 30, 2018

House Foods generously gave me a box of their brand new Go Umami grab’n go baked tofu snack bars and I knew just the place to hand out samples – our community’s huge consignment sale! People come out and shop for hours, sifting through racks of items and filing carts and wagons high with items for the upcoming seasons.  In the midst of these enthusiastic shopping moms are their children. Have you ever taken your kids shopping?  They are tired, hungry and wondering off.

These grab ‘n go tofu bars were the perfect snack for these hungry kids and their parents!  The kids were drawn to the colorful wrappers - the bars come in three flavors, Savory (blue), Hickory Smoke (brown) and Orange Teriyaki (orange) – and thrilled to have a tasty, mom-approved treat. 

Pregnant moms were excited to see 5 grams of protein per bar and lots of moms told me this was the perfect addition to their family’s snack options.  Dads were enthusiastic about these bars too – some even came back to try a second flavor before leaving. Several parents shared their favorite tofu recipes with me and others love that these individually packaged tofu bars could be cut up quickly for baby finger food, or tossed into scrambled eggs – especially the Hickory smoked - on a busy morning.

So I had an idea. If these little ones loved Go Umami, I should share them with teenagers.  Isn’t this the perfect way to fill them up with healthy food, packed with protein? So I invited my oldest to take some to school and share them with his friends.  His friends were not only thrilled to try them, but asked if I would send in more!  On my next trip to Giant, Walmart or Wegmans Go Umami will be in my cart.

These Go Umami baked tofu bars are a great choice for lunches, after school, on the way to sporting activities and more. They are also Non-GMO certified, Gluten free, Kosher, Cholesterol free and low in sugar, calories and carbs! Winner, Winner – tofu snack bars before dinner! Go Umami! 

* A special thank you to the parents and kids who stopped by to chat with me and allowed me to photograph them for my article.

I was compensated for this article.