Rock It Out!

Paint them, Hide Them, Find them, Post Them!

By Jenny Sites July 19, 2018

Have you found a painted rock yet? They're hiding all over town just waiting to be found!

It’s easy to play – just grab some rocks, paint them and hide them while you’re out.  Kids just love finding these rocks and what parent doesn’t love getting their kids outside in the fresh air?  My kids have found rocks outside while we are running errands and it just makes their day!

Smooth rocks as the easiest canvas. Clean the rocks, make sure they are completely dry and paint! Acrylic paint and/or sharpies work the best for your design. If you want to include your kids in the decorating fun, you can also use kid-safe non-toxic paint, but it tends to not adhere to the rocks as well.

The best part - you can paint anything! You choose how you design your rock. It can be a picture, a scene, a design or just multi-colored. Either way I recommend covering the finished product in a clear coat before hiding so preserve your art for many re-hides to come. 

Be sure to join a local rock finding group on Facebook. (We follow The Burg Rocks!) If you put the Facebook group name on your rock, the person finding it can take a photo and post it on the page so you know it has been found. Not only is it fun to find other people’s rocks, but it’s exciting to see the rock you hid pop up as “found” on Facebook! 

If you find a rock, post a picture on the page. You can then choose to keep the rock or re-hide it.  You don’t have to be on Facebook to play.  You can still paint, hide and bring a smile to the face of whoever finds it – or simply hunt for some yourself! 

The only hard fast rules of the game are (1) Only hide rocks on public property and (2) Rocks are not allowed to be hidden in National Parks.

So get creative, get outdoors, have fun and be part of the latest craze! Happy hunting and rock on!


*Macaroni Kid Fredericksburg would love to see your rocks! Feel free to post your picture with #MKFxbgRocks so I can follow along! My family and I will be painting, hiding and hunting right along with you!  Keep an eye out for a special MK Fxbg Rock – if you find it, email me at for a special treat J