It’s time for the Fall Weecycled Wardrobe Sale in Fredericksburg!

Clear out your house, make some money & shop great deals!

By Jenny Sites July 12, 2018

Are you expecting and looking for great deals on baby gear? Does your toddler need some play equipment and new toys for the long winter of indoor play ahead? Have kids in sports who need new cleats? Updating a bedroom and you need new bedding and decor? Your child grew 3 inches over the summer and you just realized that will need to purchase an entire wardrobe for back to school?  Don’t panic – shop the Weecycled Wardrobe sale!   

Got kids? Let’s face it, we all have it – a pile of outgrown kids’ clothing, a basket of abandoned toys and games.  If you’re anything like me you look at them thinking “gosh, I wish I knew someone looking for these items!”  Good news! Weecycled Wardrobe is here to help you “rehome” your gently used children’s clothing, shoes, books, toys and more. The best part – you not only get your space back, but you get a check after the sale!

Consigning is easy! Just head over to their website to sign up.  They provided step by step instructions on how to prepare and price your items plus a list of what to bring. You can also visit their facebook page for pictures of prior sales plus tips and tricks from experienced consigners! After you prep your items, drop them off at the sale and you’re ready to earn that check!   Think you’re too busy to prep items and drop them off? No problem! Sign up for the “Busy Mom Service”, hand your items over to your helper and your check will come in the mail.

Imagine that - consign your outgrown items AND buy your family new clothing in the same weekend!  Plus, consigning and shopping Weecycled Wardrobe is so much fun! It’s your very own tribe of excited sellers and savvy shoppers – lead by the fearless Penny & Vicki! So grab your list, a shopping bag and your bff and join the fun!

Weecycled Wardrobe’s sale will be held on August 24-26 from 10 am to 8 pm at the Fredericksburg Fieldhouse (3411 Shannon Park Dr, Fredericksburg). Admission is FREE and credit cards are accepted! When you arrive you will see almost every field in the building covered in fabulous deals for baby to teen plus maternity!   Weecycled Wardrobe is thankful for our military too – bring your Miliary ID and shop August 23rd from 5pm to 8pm!  Want to shop even earlier? Head over to their website and Volunteer to help out with the sale! Volunteers shop as early as 11 am on August 23rd!


What will I find at the sale?  Everything for newborn to teen!

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Books
  • Videos
  • Games
  • Puzzles
  • CDs
  • Tapes
  • Toys
  • Bikes/trikes/scooter
  • Baby Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Gymnastic & dancewear
  • Halloween costumes
  • Winter coats/jackets
  • Purses/backpacks
  • Home décor
  • & more!



Experienced shopper tips:  

* Bring a bag to carry your items as you shop. You’re going to want to have your hands free to grab the bargains!

* Make a list of what you need and what sizes (clothing & shoes) your kids wear. You don’t want to forget anything!

* The last day of the sale is 50% off day! Most items are marked down 50% - so plan to come back for round two, because who doesn’t love a sale?!?


Experienced Consigner tips

* Find a little area in your house to keep all of your sale stuff together while you work.  

* Keep your hangers stock and safety pins ready – that way if you have 5-10 free minutes you can easily hang and/or tag items quickly.

* Clear out 1 room at a time. Enter and tag all items from one room before moving to the next room.