Keep Learning Alive Over the Summer

By Emily Wessel July 12, 2018

As a high school English teacher and mom to a son entering Kindergarten in August, learning does not stop over the summer. I am constantly reading and looking for new strategies for my own classroom, and my husband and I work hard to make sure our son is doing something educational each day. While it comes natural to us, some families struggle with finding ways to keep learning alive over the summer. Here are a few ways you can keep summer fun and educational at the same time.

1. Always ask questions

Encourage your kids to ask questions wherever you go. Yes, it may become obnoxious at times, but questions mean your kid is thinking and wanting to know more. This works for all ages. Parents can ask questions about the signs on the road, the items in the mall, or even ask an end-of-the-day question to see what the highlight was. Kids can ask questions, too! They can ask about what they are seeing, eating, etc. Questions equal learning!

2. Practice spelling and math in the car

Summer means car rides. Whether you are driving for hours or just running errands, learning can take place in the car. If you see a word on a sign that is unusual, say it and then spell it out loud. If you hear a word on the radio, talk about what it means and then spell it out loud. When kids hear words, they increase their vocabulary. Math equations are also great in the car. Talk about the Exit number you are passing and then say which one you are driving to and you have a math equation. You can review multiplication tables with older kids or practice simple math problems with your little ones. Let your kids ask you math problems, too!

3. Read

There is no greater way to continue learning during the summer than to read. Read news articles, books, menus, the back of cereal boxes…anything! Families who read together grow closer together. Reading increases vocabulary, word recognition, and writing confidence. The more words you know, the more likely you are to use them.


There are more ways to keep learning over the summer, like having your kids do workbooks and sight word flashcards, but sometimes it’s hard for kids to sit and work over the summer. If you incorporate learning into your trips, everyday outings, and bedtime or quiet time routines, learning comes naturally.