Camping inside or outside can be great family fun!

By Stephanie Stewart & Lindsay Leach August 31, 2017

With a to-do list a mile high, back-to-school blues settling in and stress piling up, our little family decided that we needed a short getaway to relax, unwind and make some great memories. We took a short trip (literally an 8 mile trip) to a local campground with no agenda in mind other than reconnecting as a family without distractions. Earlier this summer, my husband bought a cute little inexpensive pop-up camper to remodel and we have had a few adventures in it so far. Camping is making a major comeback for great reason: it is a quick, inexpensive way to get away for a few days, a week or more and not break the bank. These are memories our kids will remember for a lifetime!Ā 

Of course the most important part of our trip is: THE FOOD!Ā 

Cereal & Milk
Whole Grain Pop-TartsĀ 
Lumberjack Foil PacketsĀ 

Deli Meat Sandwiches
Hot DogsĀ 

Walking TacosĀ 
Hobo Foil PacketsĀ 

WeĀ spentĀ most of our days taking nature walks, relaxing by the fire and the kids played at the playground (which was within viewing distance from our campfire, score). This little adventure was exactly what our family needed to reconnect and rejuvenate us. Whether you have a camper, tent or want to stay in cabins, camping is a versatile mini vacation for all families!

This very same weekend, our friend Lindsay and her family had a makeshift at home camping trip. She planned some fun camping themed food and crafts to keep her family busy. If you are not into the great outdoors, the weather is yucky or you just don't feel like going anywhere, this is a wonderful option. You are still spending valuable family time together and creating lasting memories!

So whether inside or out, camper, tent or cabin, we highly suggest disconnecting with the digital world for a day or 2, and reconnecting with each other and nature. You will be glad you did!