Fredericksburg Area Park Review: Alum Springs

By Emily Wessel January 20, 2018

Alum Spring Park is the best park if you have an explorer in your home. With trails upon trails upon trails that follow Hazel Run, tall trees for shade, and picnic areas, Alum Spring Park is soon to be your favorite summer hang out.

Alum Spring Park is located off Route 3 at the end of Greenbrier Drive. You can get to it two different ways: Walk the Central Railway Trail or Drive over a small creek. After a heavy rain or snow, the driving entrance may close because waters can rise and overpower a car; however, don’t let this deter you from visiting! 

Once you park, you can immediately see two playgrounds that are for ages 2-12. There are swings, different climbing structures, and plenty of slides. Alum Spring Park is perfect for birthday parties, reunions, and just hanging out because of the grills, covered pavilion, and room to play. 

My son’s favorite part is of the park is the access to Hazel Run. You can walk right down to the water and wade around. Make sure to bring water shoes because the rocks can be sharp and/or slippery. There are many different trails that follow the water, with plenty of huge rocks for climbing and exploring as well.

Alum Spring Park is a beautiful recreational area filled with everything nature has to offer: plenty of trees, water, open space, and rocks. This park is perfect for all ages. Pack a picnic, bring your swimsuit and water shoes, and enjoy exploring what nature has to offer.

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