Easy and Affordable St. Patrick's Day Crafts

By Emily Wessel March 2, 2017

St. Patrick’s Day can sometimes get lost in the mix between Valentine’s Day and Easter. If you have a little Leprechaun in your house that loves everything green, here are six easy crafts to help you celebrate all things Irish!

1. Leprechaun Party Hats
This is so simple. All you need is a paper plate (white or green) and scissors. You can add glitter, colors, stickers, or ribbon if you want to make it magical.

2. Shamrock Person
A very simple craft that practices cutting and gluing. Plus you get to pick out googly eyes!

3. Shamrock Rainbow Necklaces
I have to admit that I love Fruit Loops cereal. This craft gets kids working on hand-eye coordination while threading Fruit Loops onto yarn. You can add a shamrock, Leprechaun hat, or pot of gold to the necklace, or just leave it as a rainbow.

4. Beaded Shamrock Wands
I am volunteering at my son’s school in March and wanted to do this craft with his 17 classmates, but realized it was a little too advanced for 3 and 4 year olds. Instead of making a big shamrock (like the one on the website), I am going to have the kids put beads on one pipe cleaner and then I will shape that one pipe cleaner into the shamrock. With the addition of one pipe cleaner on the bottom, you get a beaded shamrock wand!

5. Leprechaun Hat Puzzles
My son loves puzzles, so why not have him make his own. Kids color in the drawing and take it apart again and again. It’s a craft that keeps on giving.

6. Shamrock Balance Beam
I love how easy this game is for kids! Cut out shamrocks and tape them to the floor. This website gives many options of how to make this fun for all ages.

These crafts are easy and fun for all kids. Not only do they work on fine motor skills, they also strengthen patience and endurance. Wishing you a day of luck with your little Leprechaun!