LOVE Dot Paint Craft

Fun decorations for your home or to gift to that special someone!

By Jodi Lorence, Macaroni PM February 2, 2020
February is the month of love, but your kids can make this project for someone they love any time of year!

Dot paints (we used red, pink, purple, and fuchsia)
2 pieces 8 1/2 x 11 inch card stock (thicker white paper)
clear tape that peels off easily

1. Cut a heart and the letters L, V, and E out of one piece of your card stock.

2. Using tape, loop one piece of tape sticky side out to put on the back of each letter.

3. Put each letter on your second piece of card stock.

4. Have the kids cover the entire page with dots using the dot paint.


5. Let dry.

6. Carefully remove the letters and heart from your page. Don't throw the letters away because you can glue them on another piece of card stock and then you have two complete projects!

7. Enjoy!