Pinwheel Wrap Christmas Tree

By Valarie Fisher, Macaroni Kid Roseville-Rocklin-Lincoln December 14, 2016
We love wraps around here. I mean, you can put just about any kind of meat into a tortilla, add some cream cheese (flavored ones are great for this), and you’ve got a basic wrap. Wrap tightly and slice and you’ve got a pinwheel! 

You can add tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, sliced cheese and just about anything that will still “roll”. 

How does refried beans, shredded cheese and peppered turkey, with a little dash of hot sauce sound? If you spread it all out thin on the tortilla, and roll it up tight, you can slice it for a southwestern pinwheel.

How about peanut butter, jelly, honey and bananas? Or cream cheese mixed with cinnamon sugar, caramel sauce and thin apple slices? These work great for kids! As long as you’ve got something that is a little “sticky” to help hold the roll in place, you’re good.

For this Christmas party we used the green wrap tortillas. Once they were rolled and cut, the pinwheels were arranged on a circle platter, with the circle stacks getting progressively smaller, making it look like a little Christmas Tree. We added some small grape tomatoes for garnish, and we were all set.

We had a small party with kids, so we only put lunch meat and cream cheese on them and didn’t make a very big or tall tree, but you can make this as tall and big as you want. If it’s for more adventurous eaters, you could customize the filling to the tastes of your guests.