Pine Cone Christmas Trees

A frugal and fun craft to enjoy with little ones

By Emily Smith November 30, 2016

XmasCraft1 (307x350).jpg

Tis the season for tinsel, trees, and twinkle lights! As you begin to fill your home with all things Christmas this simple craft is a fun way to let your children create a Christmas decoration of their own. 

What you’ll need:
  • Pine cones (1 per child)
  • Green glitter glue 
  • Gold or silver pipe cleaners (1 per child)
  • Small multi-colored pom poms
XmasCraft2 (299x350).jpg

  1. Drizzle glitter glue all over the pine cone
  2. Place small pom poms in the glue
  3. Fold pipe cleaner into a star with 1 longer edge (adult may need to help with this part)
  4. Adhere the star to the top of the pine cone with glitter glue
  5. Let dry and decorate!

XmasCraft3 (304x350).jpg

Emily Smith is part of our Guest Writer Mom's Group. She is a local mom to a spunky little red-haired toddler and enjoys spending her time being a mommy, living a healthy lifestyle and loves music.

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