The Thankful Tree Craft

By Chelsea House November 2, 2016
This interactive, colorful craft is an ongoing project until Thanksgiving Day! It's easy, only taking about 10-15 minutes and cost effective, with materials costing under $10. 

What You'll Need:

  • Construction Paper: Brown (6 pieces) Red (4 pieces) Orange (4 pieces) Yellow (4 pieces)
  • Tape
  • Double Sided Tape, Wall Putty, or Thumb Tacks (something to mount the tree and leaves on the wall)
  • Markers


1.Take pieces of brown paper and lay them out to resemble a tree. One piece of paper per branch, and about three pieces (vertically laid) for the trunk.

2. Tape down the paper so that they will all stick together. (Refer to pictures for help)

3. Flip the papers over so that the tapes side is now facing down. Using the marker, draw the tree out making sure there are plenty of branches.

4. Cut the tree out.

5. Flip the tree over so the the taped side is facing up again. Place putty or double sided tape in the appropriate spots to ensure the tree will stick well to the wall with no flapping around. (Does not apply if you're using thumbtacks).

6. Mount to wall.

7. Take out the colored construction paper and cut out 24 leaves of each color.

8. Place leaves in a basket with a pen.

9. Each night at dinner go around the table and write down on a leaf what you are thankful for. Then stick the leaves to the tree.  I did a different color per each family member. You could certainly add more fall appropriate colors or just mix them in a basket to pull at random.


By the time Thanksgiving rolls around you will have so many thankful thoughts to read back over before your big meal!